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Who we are!



At home across the country,  Anytown USA, just grocery shopping, tax paying, mostly law abiding citizens. Up and off to school with the kids, another day of work, another Monday and a “Honey Do” list to look forward to on the weekend. But out there in it all, living it, they’re Independent Bad Guys. Seen out of car windows and getting smiled and waved at by kids in back seats across America. Wish we knew where all those pictures taken from cars passed ended up…



Those defying society, it’s 40 hour work weeks, 8 hour work days and all that goes with it. Many take their vacations heading for the big rallies but would rather head to another unknown destination, making decisions one tank at a time. Another night in a town yet to be named, only the day and cryptic writing on the windshield will tell. Not being part of a club for the brand of bike, occupation or in a support club of support clubs. Just bikers by day, characters out of Pulp Fiction at night. Watching the weather channel for a weather report, but they don’t do that sort of thing anymore. 


Doing no one any harm, just out living it and whatever comes their way. Being sometimes told, “we don’t like your kind in these parts, we don’t want any trouble”. It’s all behind the beards, the leathers, the “I wonder how many days I wore these pants”. Something that can’t quite be explained, being at one with it all… Not if it’s going to rain, but, “how wet do you want to get?. Not having to tell their stories, just out making memories no one can ever take away.

Everyone wants to be part of something…

 Be part of something… Independently.

See you out there!